Your 24 Hours To A Tighter Tummy Plan

Lower belly pooch is surely the devil's work. This area tends to bloat during that time of the month and stay puffy long after your cycle's ended. And no matter how many sit-ups we do, our abs still don't seem to look like any of the Victoria's Secret models' abs—okay, maybe we've set the bar a little high here, but what gives? Rock-hard abs are going to cost you more than a few precious hours in the gym. But while you’re waiting for all of your hard work on the mat to pay off, may we suggest a bit of (nearly) instant gratification? With a couple of tummy-tightening tricks and some adjustments to your daily routine, you can slim your midsection in a mere 24 hours. Yep, you’re just one day away from your jeans fitting a little better and your dresses laying a little flatter. Keep reading to find out how it’s done!

#1. Get An Extra Hour Of Sleep
Skimping on beauty sleep kicks cortisol (the stress hormone linked to higher levels of belly fat) into high gear and increases your tendency to overeat. Aim for a full night’s rest to wake up energized and prepared to make smart food decisions all day.

#2. Kick-Start Your Morning
Begin your morning with core-engaging, posture-perfecting yoga and you’ll be on the fast track to flat stomach. A few sun salutations in the a.m. will help you de-stress (thus fending off cortisol), give your metabolism an early boost, and encourage you to stand up straight—which, if nothing else, gives you the appearance of flatter tummy.

Another important way to jumpstart your metabolism in the morning is with breakfast. Take the time to enjoy a small, balanced meal, and continue the trend throughout the day. Eating smaller meals more at more frequent intervals prevents flooding the digestive system with a large meal that will take a long time to digest.

#3. Detox
The practice of detoxifying helps to rejuvenate, recharge and revitalise your system from within. We strongly advocate cleansing boosters such as detox teas, probiotics, natural laxatives, natural diuretics and antioxidants as part of a body detoxification program. 

To get more from your detoxification program, we recommend Sloane Inc Pure Cleanse to help regulate digestion and drainage, and relieve fluid retention. Pure Cleanse contains milk thistle seed, dandelion root and artichoke leaf which are excellent for your system to drive away toxins from your body. Milk thistle seed contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and believe to protect liver cells from toxic chemicals and drugs. Dandelion Root decreases inflammation and increases urine production in aiding detoxification. For optimal results, add 2 tablespoons to DETOX TEA and stir in. Alternatively, you can take 2 tablespoons on its own to provide your body a daily dose of detox it needs.

#4. Eat Flat-Belly Foods
The goal is to eat foods that are easily digestible—meaning, foods that won’t sit in your GI tract longer than they need to. Skip processed sugars and refined carbohydrates, in favor of lean proteins, whole grains, root vegetables (like carrots), green vegetables (like green beans), stemmed vegetables (like leeks), and fruits low in fructose (such as bananas, strawberries, and citrus fruits). If you can, eat your veggies steamed. Cooked vegetables actually take up less room inside your stomach, compared to raw veggies.

To further prevent bloating, avoid salt and high-sodium foods, as sodium attracts and retains water. And pass on gas-causing foods, like beans and flowered vegetables (such as cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts). 


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