Holiday Giftspiration: Beauty Gifts for All Types of Gals

If you're reading this, then you are most likely a procrastinator. It's okay — you're among friends here. Buying holiday gifts alone is stressful, but gift-shopping weeks before Christmas is enough to throw even the most chill among us into panic — or the closest approximation to panic for the perpetually laid-back. A tizzy?

But that shouldn't mean your loved ones have to suffer. So this year, instead of leaving everything to the last minute, get your shit somewhat together and snag a gift off this list. Because the sooner you take care of that, the sooner you can go back to that sugar-and-spiced-alcohol situation you've got going on over there. Don't panic, just read more.

#1. The Skincare Starlet
She could win a spelling bee if the words were hyaluronic acid or salicylic acid, and she can recite the benefits of retinoid in her sleep. So, if you really want to impress this skincare expert, get her a doctor-designed present. Sloane Inc's I wish upon a star skincare kit promises to turn back the ageing clock with these miracle workers, Skin Superfood Red Algae & Skin Superfood Pumpkin Enzyme Peel. Skin Superfood Red Algae releases bursts of ceramides and astaxanthin goodness to restore dermal elasticity and prevent the formation of wrinkles and lines. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and pore size with Skin Superfood Pumpkin Purifying Peel, leaving the skin positively radiant. Now who doesn’t want to reverse time when it’s so close to the New Year? 

USD $176, available at

#2. The Laidback Chick
Luckily, a laid-back, nature-loving gal most likely won’t be bothered that you’ve procrastinated on her gift. But she probably won’t be as easygoing when it comes to seeing results from her skincare. On the eve of your gift exchange, rush over and pick up the Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask. Because she can wear it to bed, it’s the perfect ’twas-the-night-before-Christmas mask. Like a full night's sleep in a jar, this innovative overnight leave-on mask features vitamins C and E to help tired-looking skin appear clearer, brighter, and more radiant. 

Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask, USD $40
Youth To The People Kale + Spinach + Green Tea Age Prevention Cleanser, USD $36
Available at

#3. The IT Girl
An It Girl always has her eyes on the latest and greatest to hit the industry. She might seem like a hard person to shop for, but really, it’s all about tickling her inner discoverer. The IT GIRL is a trendsetter of epic proportions. She knows about (and mostly likely owns) everything before it drops. Get her something so wow-inducing she’ll be buzzing about it all yearOur up-and-coming indie brands will do the trick. Luxurious Hardy & Co has a Dewy Skin Mist that she can use to counter winter dullness in a single spritz. Another notable brand is none other our favorite household name Kylie Jenner. She released a glorious Holiday edition which is most probably sold out as we speak. The It Girl however, would have probably gotten her hands on these. 

Hardy & Co. Dewy Skin Anti-Ageing Champagne Mist, USD $80,
Kylie Cosmetics Mini Kit, Matte Liquid Lipsticks, USD $36,

#4. Perfect Hair, always
Have you ever seen her have a bad hair day? We doubt it. So, here’s a duo of gifts that will have her flipping out almost as much as she flips her hair. First, have her unwrap the Agave Restorative Hydrating Mask—it promotes strength and shine. Then, her mane will be ready for some styling.

If she’s prone to change her ’do on the reg, T3’s Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand lets her change out the barrels for different types of coils—from Polished Curls to Loose Waves.

Agave Restorative Hydrating Mask, USD $38,
T3 Whirl Convertible Styling Wand, USD $185,

#5. The Glamour Puss
A total glamour-puss is someone who definitely wants to pamper with something luxe. Get her something lustrous, shimmery, and preferably metallic. Sloane Inc's Gold Glow Recovery Mask is a luxurious flash recovery mask with 24k gold and is created for tired, thirsty skin in need of an instant pick-me-up and long-term strengthening. Get her to use it before a big event for an instant look of soft splendor & radiance. 

Complete your look for the night with Marc Jacobs Fragrances Decadence One Eight K Edition. which embodies the spirit of irreverent glamour. This limited-edition version of the iconic Decadence bottle is inspired by liquid gold—an ode to the luxurious and glamorous Decadence signature; perfect for the ultimate glamour puss 

Sloane Inc Gold Glow Recovery Mask, USD $65,
Marc Jacobs Fragrances Decadence One Eight K Edition, USD $127,

#6. The Makeup Junkie
Shopping for a makeup junkie sounds deceptively simple — they’re obsessed with cosmetics, so as long as you wander into Sephora and grab them something, you’re golden, right? Not so. Makeup junkies usually already have the basics, and can usually be relied upon to consistently restock. This means that your makeup-centric gift needs to have a little extra oomph in order to really make your gift recipient’s eyes sparkle.

This trendy and graphic palette that opens up to reveal 130 easy-to-wear colors with matte, satin, and shimmer finishes to create unlimited complete makeup looks.

SEPHORA COLLECTION, Geometricolor Palette Blockbuster, USD $49.50,


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