The Latest Korean Skincare Trend Will Even Out Your Skin Tone

We've all heard the ad tagline that milk does a body good. And, while those of you with particular dietary restrictions might disagree (lactose intolerance, anyone?), there are still plenty of benefits when it comes to adding various milk-based beauty products to your skin-care regimen. In fact, its cosmetic virtues are popping up in products everywhere, and we're big fans of its gentle, skin-soothing properties. To be clear, when we talk about milk properties, we specifically mean lactic acid, a proven skin-softener that gently removes dead skin cells without setting off alarm bells for irritation or dryness. Milk proteins and their plant-based facsimiles can deliver baby-soft skin on a level that has to be experienced to be believed.

Using dairy to heal your skin is nothing new, but the latest in K-beauty is a different take on using milk in your skincare routine: milk peels. We've rounded up some of our favorite milk-based beauty products & treatments. And, when people ask where you got your glow, you can tell them that it was "milk made." Because, quite frankly, it was.

#1. In Clinic Solution - Milk Peels 
The Milk Peel is a gentle skin peeling system carefully designed that allows you to improve skin tone, dull and sun damaged skin, fade pigmentations and blemishes, by using a controlled method of professional skin exfoliation.

The Sloane Clinic 's Milk Peel starts with an ultrasonic peeling system (using sound waves) to remove clogged pores and surface impurities such as blackheads and whiteheads. The skin is immediately clearer, softer and more compliant. Repeated treatments of this his well-tested clinical skin treatment will result in a increase in skin metabolism, clearer and more refined-looking skin. The procedure is absolutely painless and comfortable, unlike manual extraction.

This is then followed by the application of customised blend of mild fruit acids to remove dead cell layer and lighten the skin further. One of the main ingredients of this treatment is lactic acid, a.k.a. ‘milk acid’. Say hello to clearer skin!
#2. Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear™ Micro Milk Peel
Inspired by dermatological milk peel procedures popular in Asia, Dr.Jart developed Dermaclear™ Micro Milk Peel. It delivers gentle exfoliation without causing irritation to keep skin balanced and smooth in order to prep skin for the rest of your beauty regime. The double-layered formula is packed with both powerful exfoliating acids and nourishing ingredients to maintain balanced healthy skin. Lactic and salicylic acid support rewened suppleness for softer skin. Coconut milk, panthenol, squalene, and allantoin deliver a calming and hydrating feeling to the skin by forming a protective moisture barrier. Glutathione tones and brightens, leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking radiant. Used backstage at NYFW, this peel comes with double-sided cotton pads (a rough side for normal to combination skin and a smooth side for sensitive skin). You then swipe the (super-luxe) milk peel along your face, wait one minute, and rinse with lukewarm water.

USD $42, available at

#3. Primary Raw DoYou 2-Step Milk Peeling Kit
Primary Raw presents milk peeling, the new generation of aqua peeling, with a simple, at-home treatment the 2-Step Milk Peeling Kit. First, this treatment works to gently remove dead skin cells with a hydrating and exfoliating complex saturated in a large cotton swab. Finish off with a soothing sheet mask infused with soy milk, green tea and chamomile extracts for natural radiance.

How it works: 
Milk peeling is the newest trend in gentle exfoliation following aqua peeling, the Korean skin care treatment that simultaneously nourishes and exfoliates.The soy milk extract provides the skin with intensive nourishment in addition to hydration. Step 1 of this kit is an over-sized Q-tip saturated in an AHA complex to gently peel away dead skin cells while calming skin with soothing hydration. Apple fruit water helps to soothe skin and control sebum production during exfoliation. Step 2 locks in moisture with a soothing and calming sheet mask that contains green tea, chamomile, and rosemary leaf extracts. After treatment, instantly brightened and rejuvenated skin is revealed.

USD $6/ piece, available at


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