My Virgin Experience with Fillers

Can injecting something into your face ever look natural? The mention of Facial Fillers or Botox might trigger images of the drastically altered famous faces or the oddly puffed up ‘pillow faces’ of Meg Ryan, Lindsay Lohan and Simon Cowell. None of which we wish for ourselves, thank you very much. Hence, this is why I've always been very skeptical of injectables despite its "natural" claims.

Over the years, due to sheer neglect and my hectic lifestyle -  my skin has lost its natural glow thus resulting in an overall lacklustre complexion. My dark eye circles look like I haven't slept a wink in years. My colleagues joked that I looked 10 years older than my actual age. Oh the horror! I relied heavily on makeup to conceal my flaws, however I still do not feel as confident as I did before. Somehow or another, I felt that my skin lacked a certain x factor. 

A good friend of mine recently recommended me to The Sloane Clinic. She consulted the experts there to get work done before her wedding and her results were aaaaaaaaaamazing. It was a 180 degree difference! She doesn't just look more youthful but much prettier than before. Most importantly, the results were so natural! I couldn't detect any work done until she started raving and gushing about the treatments which she has done. Admittedly, I was very curious after seeing her results with my own eyes so I scheduled an appointment the week after. I had a clear picture of what I wanted.

The Sloane Clinic's Villagespace Branch

My friend recommended for me to see Dr Chua Han Boon, so I scheduled an appointment with him at The Sloane Clinic's Holland Village Branch. After understanding my concerns, Dr Chua went on to analyse my skin condition and explain his recommendations. Overall, the consultation that felt like an ultra-enriching beauty crash course, jam-packed with all I needed to know about my skin, my facial structure and more.

We decided on: 1) Non-surgical Nose job aka Nose Fillers to add definition to my oriental nose; 2) Lip Fillers to add plumpness & hydration to my Asian thin lips and 3) Smoothbeam laser for my acne issues. 

I requested to proceed with the nose and lip fillers first as I was rushing for time. We then locked in an appointment date a few days later for Smoothbeam.

1. The Nose: 
This central feature is, unfortunately, most commonly the weakest in a typical Asian face. To target the frequent issues of “too flat a bridge, and too wide and short a tip”, Dr Chua mentioned that natural fillers are the best for achieving a perkier, sharper and slimmer nose without surgery. This will not only beautify your side profile, but also visually narrows down a wide Asian face by drawing the spotlight back to the previously flat and featureless central face. 

While friends always tell me that mine is “petite and cute”, I always wanted to see what I would look like with a higher and sharper noses spotted on K-Pop stars.

Verdict: A numbing cream was applied to my face to take away the pain factor from the jab. The injection was surprisingly much less uncomfortable than I expected. Before I knew it, the treatment was over!  In about a week, my new nose looked naturally higher, more defined and perkier. 

Before Lip Fillers
2. The Lips:
A voluptuous set of puckers speaks volumes about your feminine beauty. Besides being a direct advertisement of your youth and sensuality, subtle plumping and highlighting of strategic central cushions of the lips with hyaluronic acid microinjections can do wonders to enhance your overall facial harmony…or even give the illusion of a smaller, cherry lips in those with an overly wide pair counter-intuitively!

The procedure, Dr Chua explained it involves injecting Natural Fillers like Juvederm or Restylane to accentuate a flattened cupid’s bow, vermillion outline, philtrum and into the body of the lip to create a fuller pout. It gives the sexy, youthful definition in a matter of minutes and lasts for months.

‘The effects are instant and last between six to 12 months depending on individuals and on the type of dermal filler used.’ Dr Chua explained further. ‘Common side effects include swelling and sometimes bruising which will subside after a couple of days.’

After lip fillers
After the fillers, my lips were noticeably perkier and more pouty. Dr Chua mentioned that my lips will be a little swollen at first, but I'll see the effects of the fillers pretty quickly. He told me to give your lips 24 hours to settle and the swelling to calm. Then I'll be seeing my filled-out lips as they will be for the next few months. 

I left the clinic a very happy girl. Stay tuned for updates! Next up, I will be working towards getting rid of my persistent acne problem.


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