The Beauty Treatments Editors Love and Why

Beauty editors are an obsessive—nay, focused—bunch. Get us all in one room and the conversation will shift quickly to highlighters and wave sprays, tiny needles and jade rollers. (We can attest to this because it’s actually happened.) Some of us may have started with modest beauty routines that blossomed with time on the job; others have been beauty buffs from the beginning, only widening their knowledge and prowess through their profession. Either way, we now all do some pretty weird things in the name of beauty, things that might make the average woman blanch (or doubt our sanity). Ahead, you’ll find secret parts of our routines that we swear make our hair shinier, makeup more airbrushed, and skin more radiant.

#1. Botox for Facial Slimming
What You Don't Know: Botox is not just for wrinkles! Genetically-prone to overly bulked up jaw (masseter) muscles and a deficient chin, BOTOX® microinjection in the masseter is big hit in Asia to magically shave pounds off a heavy square jaw sans scalpel. 

Why We Love It: Pare pounds off your face with BOTOX® Facial Slimming, a simple non-surgical treatment to transform a U-shape contour to the highly coveted V-shape jawline. The results are so subtle that nobody can tell that we had any work done. Your co-workers and friends will probably assume that you have lost weight. 

#2. Baby Drop Fillers for Natural, Dewy & Baby Soft Skin
What You Don't Know: With age, skin’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid diminishes, causing inadequate cellular hydration which leads to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and folds.

Why We Love ItNothing screams “Fresh” more than dewy, hydrated skin – and baby drop fillers is designed to do just that. Baby Drop Fillers replenishes skin’s lost hyaluronic acid using a designer micro-injector to dispense ultra-fine droplets of hyaluronic acid into the skin’s dermis. This dermal rejuvenating procedure instantly revitalises fatigued complexions, boosts skin elasticity and subtly smoothens facial shadows without packing on unflattering volume. Repeated sessions offer synergistic benefits which include improvements in facial wrinkles, undereye hollows and overall skin texture for a picture-perfect smoothness. Want a natural, model dewy glow? This is the treatment that you need to look for. 

#3. Lasers for Skin Maintenance
What You Don't Know: If you want good skin you got to work hard for sure. When it comes to staying young and healthy for longer, the classic wisdom of ‘little-and-often’ holds true for the skin. 

Why We Love It: Month after month, the Super Lift Program keeps things running smoothly and tightly year after year – like a time-slowing spell. This youth-preserving photofacial, which combines Microdermabrasion with Light Light laser, recharges fatigued cells to fuel collagen replenishment, brisk dermal metabolism and an energetic glow, while adding spring to relaxed collagen fibres for sharp contours and a polished complexion that oozes radiant vitality and youthful appeal. It’s great for reversing premature ageing and for just about anyone who’s secretly afraid of ageing. Also there's no downtime involved!

#4. Infared Saunas for a whole body detox
What You Don't Know: Why not rev your metabolism while you detox? Infrared saunas that are around 140 degrees burn an average of 250 calories per hour. Our body does this by increasing peripheral blood flow, sweating, and trying to maintain its core temperature. Infrared sauna sessions also help rid your body of cellulite and chemicals related to weight gain. Furthermore, toxic chemicals wreak havoc on thyroid and adrenal glands, causing adrenal fatigue, impaired carbohydrate tolerance, food cravings, allergies, obesity, and elevated cholesterol. Finding an infrared sauna studio near you to detox those metabolism-crashing toxins!

Why We Love It: We love it for relaxation as well as how much our skin glows afterward. On top of it, it helps to repel all the unhealthy toxins in the body. We've seen results. This REALLY WORKS. 

#5. Eyebrow Embroidery for HD brows
What You Don't Know: Eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing, and is the best way to achieve natural-looking, bold brows. The process involves a technician using a fine blade to push colored pigment into your skin, creating the effect of natural hair growth. Done properly, the results look incredibly natural and last for about two years.

Why We Love It: If you have sparse brows, you know that it can take at least five minutes every morning to groom, shape, and fill them in with product. Eyebrow embroidery eliminates this time suck entirely. Your brows can look ON POINT ALL THE TIME! Plus you can look perma-groomed even on bare-faced days. Such a win-win.

#6. Restore Hair Volume with Revage 670 laser
What You Don' Know: Heat styling, perms and dyeing to bring back that youthful lustre and volume of your hair, are in fact, damaging your precious tresses further.

Why We Love It: Borrowing technology used in skincare, the Revage 670 hair laser moves beyond the smoke and mirrors to the root of the issue to help counter the effects of ageing, hormones and lifestyle. Powerful, albeit painless, laser energy works on the scalp skin to reduce shedding, savage weakened follicles, and stimulate hair growth for plump lustrous strands and a fuller mane to best frame your face. Ideal for Ladies and men who are scant on time and hair, or are noticing finer, weaker strands with age. Anyone who is secretly afraid of taking on a balding parental semblance, or would just like to max out their mane potential and maintain it for as long it as possible.


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