September Favorites - Beauty Products that REALLY deliver

Ahead, you'll find 6 beauty products that deliver. Whether it's an essence that magically balances oily skin and hydrates dry skin or a drugstore lipstick that rivals its most luxurious counterparts, the beauty world is full of gems that will change your life for the better—and we can attest to their transformative abilities. Sometimes what you really need are the tried-and-true items. 

#1. For Stubborn Pigmentation - Sloane Inc Instant Pigment Corrector
Trust us when we say that we have tried COUNTLESS of products to fail spots but to no avail. This transformative cream serum however, combines the power of three to combat stubborn spots and restore youthful brilliance: Vitamin A revitalizes drab, lined skin; potent lighteners pulverizes pigment splodges; while soothing botanicals quells inflammation triggered by environmental damage to bring balance and a beautifully calm, clear luminosity to the skin. 

#2. Lightweight Moisturizer for Oily Skin - Alpha H Clear Skin Hydrator Gel
If you suffer from oily skin, the clammy hot weather in Asia can be the bane of one’s existence. To avoid the break out from hell, opt for the Alpha H Clear Skin Hydrator Gel (yes, from the people who brought you the famous Liquid Gold). This refreshing gel with cooling eucalyptus is the next best thing to putting a cold flannel over your face. The balancing Vitamin B3 prevents your pores going into oil overdrive, while tea tree and witch hazel bring the anti-bacterial powers to prevent pesky blemishes.

SGD $37.40, available at

#3. For the subtle model glow - Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

USD $38, available at

#4. For Dry Skin: Kicho Sheep Oil Cream
This luxe (but affordable) cream has quickly become a true favorite. Lanolin is one of those oldie-but-goodie hero ingredients that’s having a moment again, globally (for good reason). It is the only animal oil that can be obtained with zero harm to the animal—in this case, a sheep. Out of all oils, lanolin is most like our own sebum, which makes it highly compatible, absorbable and gentle on our skin. In addition to lanolin, this deeply hydrating moisturizer features a complex of 8 berries, all chock-full of Vitamin C, which brightens, and skin-health-boosting antioxidants. Lanolin locks and binds hydration into even the driest skin types, forming a protective barrier for the skin while still letting the skin breathe. This means that oily-skin types can get the hydration they too need, with no fear of clogged pores, from this multitasking moisturizer! 

USD $58, available at Peaches & Lily

#5. For Stressed Out Skin: May Lindstorm The Blue Cocoon Beauty Balm
Blue tansy is having its turn in the spotlight - justifiably so, given its incredible (and seemingly innumerable) skin-perfecting properties. Blue tansy releases heat, reducing redness and inflammation and targeting super-hard to treat issues such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and acne. It's a total powerhouse, and our absolute favourite ingredient of the moment. This calming balm brings immediate relief from irritation, whilst helping to counter emotional upset. Ideal for stressed or easily-offended skin types, this silky formula melts into skin where it generates a reassuring warmth (like a hug for your face!), that helps to quickly neutralise any redness or inflammation, whilst replenishing, strengthening and protecting for a healthy, contented complexion.

£128.00, available at

#6. For anti-aging & repair: Sloane Inc. DermaBoost Pure Vitamin A
This powerful recovery concentrate Sloane Inc. DermaBoost Pure Vitamin A reinforces fatigued skin’s nightly renewal and repair, and deeply conditions dehydrated or stressed skin suffering from environmental damage, lack of sleep, travel, even changes of season or weather. Nourish your skin with this time-resisting dermatological gold standard to grow beautiful as you grow wise. Crammed with the power of pro-youth vitamin A and ceramides, these potent pea-sized pods supercharge beauty sleep by amping up cellular energy and renewal, recharging skin elasticity, and delivering a moisture surge overnight, so you can wake to the refined texture and supple spring of your dreams.

USD $49, available at


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