Beauty Confidential: Star Studded Beauty Secrets

Ever wondered how models and celebrities manage to look so amazing from top to toe? Now you can look your best by stealing some of their top beauty secrets. Shed your old shell, and step out fresh and fabulously confident with this star-studded beauty dream team that counts urban princesses and A-listers as celebrity clientele.

#1. Brilliant Skin Program 
Why we love it: Stress and sleep-deprivation are the kryptonite of youthful, radiant skin. Brilliant Skin Program employs Fraxel laser to bring about deep dermal renewal that improves both resistant and hidden spots, along with collagen rejuvenation for the radiant clarity and supple smoothness even sun-kissed skin would covet. 

Who's a fan of: Kim Kardashian 

Why you need it: Photo-perfect skin in a flash. 

#2. 3D Facelift Program 
Why We Love It: The 3D Facelift Program harvests the synergistic effects of two of the world’s leading anti-ageing superstars Ulthera & Thermage to re- strengthen and rejuvenate skin’s entire collagen supportive structure from within. 

Who's a fan of: Halle Berry 

Why you need it: Safe to help all skin types stay perky year after year, with no needles nor extra commitments of social downtime.

#3. Revitalift Face 
Why we love it: Nothing screams “Fresh” more than dewy, hydrated skin – and Revitalift is designed to do just that. Using micro-droplets of a soft Hyaluronic Acid injected under the skin, the treatment allows water to be drawn towards the dermis, plumping it up to look hydrated, and stimulating new collagen at the same time. 

Who's a fan of: Jennifer Lawrence 

Why you need it: Nobody says no to a dewy, model glow. 

#4. Ultimate Eyelift Program 
Why We Love It: This Ultimate Eyelift Program is an 'eye-opening' program is designed to optimally tighten and lift sagging skin over six gentle little-to-no downtime sessions of collagen strengthening lasers for the upper and lower eyelids. 

Who's a fan of: Kate Bosworth

Why you need it:  Eyes are first to say hello to the dreaded droop, dullness, dastardly lines, and the last to respond to your reparative efforts.

#5. Coolshape Program
Why We Love It: The non-invasive CoolShape Program allows you to tailor a slim and well-proportioned body shape without surgery with a clinically-proven dynamic duo: CoolSculpting Plus to selectively reduce stubborn fat bulges in common trouble spots (think: tummy, thighs, arms and bra fat), whilst Thermage for Body tones and smoothens the flabby tummy, batty wings, ill-defined butt, or cellulite-stricken thighs into perky, displayable shape. 

Who's a fan of: Khloe Kardashian

Why you need it: This newly improved incarnate of the only FDA-approved fat freezer allows you to chill out while trimming down to a hot bikini bod without surgery or injections.


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