4 Easy Ways to De-Puff Your Bloated Face

A puffy face is one of the most inconvenient evils. It can’t be solved with heavy-duty concealer or a generous slathering of your most intensive moisturizer. The difference may seem minimal (to everyone else), but when you’re feeling puffier than usual you see that difference acutely, and you can’t stop seeing it. Whatever the cause—one too many cocktails, gorging on a high-sodium feast, or just staying up past your bedtime (or, as in many cases, some combination of the three)—there is a solution that’ll bring down the bloat.

#1. Detox
After a season of partying, late nights, plus loads of salty, sugary and starchy  delicacies – oh yea, and the booze too – it’s no wonder you woke up with a bloated moon face you could barely recognise.  Keep calm and make yourself a cup of detox tea. Not only will it soothe frazzled nerves, it can naturally cleanse the body, flush out toxins that are wrecking havoc on your body and skin, and accelerate the de-bloating process from inside out.

USD $42, available at Sloaneshop.com
Sloane Inc Detox Tea comes in Peach & Lemon

#2. Leave it to the professionals
If you would rather leave it to the professionals, an award-winning facial like The Sloane Spa's Fast Fix Facial will do the trick. The ultimate 'lunchtime' quickie, targeted to efficiently spruce up lackluster complexions in a jiffy. Fast-Fix includes a trouble targeted complexion ultrasonic deep cleansing, oxygen & vitamin C clay pack and followed by deep penetration of multivitamins and lymphatic drainage of facial circulation, topped off with professionally-picked serums and sunblock to tackle breakouts, bumps, sagging, sensitivity, or pigmentation problems. Some lip gloss, some blusher and you are ready to face the world again after this quick pick-me-up.

S$141.24 for 1 session, available at Sloanespa.com

#3. Lymphatic Drainage Massage
We know that massage can be helpful in creating a temporary lifting effect and allowing products to better absorb into the skin for increased effectiveness. Knowles says this concept of lymphatic drainage for the face can also temporarily reshape the jawline into a more defined appearance by removing excess fluid to reduce visible puffiness. While the jawline itself is not physically restructured, it appears more defined because you've removed the built-up fluid, "guiding" it toward the lymph nodes and speeding up the natural drainage process. Lymphatic drainage massage is “a lost art,” but one to rediscover if your face is in need of a little refreshing. To draw away the waste that’s built up in your system, massage your skin in gentle circles.  start at the top of your face, massaging around your eyes, and then working down towards your jaw. Be sure to get both sides of your face and neck too.

SGD $114, available at Clarins.com.sg

#4. Get Moving
That goes without saying. A bloated face is a sign of a lax lymphatic drainage system. Exercise also helps increase your blood circulation, which sends more oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells and carries cell waste away so get moving!


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