10 Things Women Love To Receive But Don't Want To Tell You

Do you want to do something special for the woman in your life? Maybe it is her birthday, your wedding anniversary, or another important date that you both commemorate each year. Maybe it is a gift just to show you care after a difficult time, or to celebrate an achievement. To make the fraught task of gifting a little easier, we have 10 gift ideas that they’ll love. We promise.

#1. Dream Sculpture from The Sloane Clinic
More than ever, science is placing more control over how we age in our own hands, with new treatments like Dream Sculpture changing the face of ageing. Born of the wish to age gracefully, a host of gentler – and non-distorting – anti-ageing treatments has cropped up for women who want to look good for their age without resorting to surgery or face-freezing injections. Dream Sculpture is the latest addition to our core selection of stealth clock-turners that aim to help you look like your best self, but still yourself. This injectable collagen stimulator motivates your skin to churn out more of its own collagen (the natural stuff young healthy skin normally produces, not the exogenous kind that can be over-injected), just like applying a potent youth-replenishing skincare directly to the deep dermis where it’s supposed to work.

Best For: Nourishing toned, resilient skin and a naturally lifted visage that just look like a lifetime of living healthy and happy.

#2. Bracelet Or Necklace
If the special woman in your life loves jewelry and likes looking her best, you could get her a stylish new necklace or bracelet. To find a piece that is unique and unusual, try a brand such as Pandora or Swarovski. They have options for all tastes and occasions.

#3. Ultimate Eyelift Program - For Bright Beautiful Eyes
The eyes are indeed the windows to the soul, and you can help your wife or girlfriend to make hers look naturally youthful again with this gem from The Sloane Clinic.  Give heavy, droopy eyelids that say “uninterested”, “get lost!” or plain “tired…” an energizing collagen boost with the latest SmartX Lite laser. An ultra-fine airbrush of resurfacing laser tightens, brightens and smoothens the delicate dermis to open up the windows to your soul and polish those panes to your sparkling personality.

#4. Flowers
Tell your lady how much you love her by sending her a stunning bunch of flowers. It is a wonderful feeling receiving that knock on the door for a flower delivery, and is a perfect idea when work or life gets busy and you have to travel or spend days apart. Leading suppliers such as Wonderful Flora have beautiful bouquets.

#5. Illumi Facial
For those who want the benefits of an aesthetic procedure that is able to clinically lift the skin yet not forego the comforts of a facial, look no further than our Illumi-facial. Infra red light is used to penetrate the skin to restore the elasticity and lift saggy skins. This will be administered by the doctor and takes less than a minute.

This painless procedure is followed by a restorative illuminative facial that will give your skin an instant luminosity and health. Party ready with no downtime! This treatment combines the long term benefits of clinically effective infra red energies and the instant results of a skin-replenishing facial treatment.

Best for: Mid-life crisis, anti-ageing fix, anyone who secretly wants to look younger.

Recommended for ageing, saggy and dull skin types 

#6. Baked Treat
If the special woman in your life has a sweet tooth, you should get her a themed cake. Go to your favorite local bakery and pick a style of cake that she likes, but make sure plenty of care and attention goes into the decoration – it is always better when a cake looks fantastic as well as tasting fantastic. I mean come on just look at that cake, isn't it fabulously divine?

#7. Cheek Sculpt from The Sloane Clinic
Have you ever wondered how celebrities always seem to look so good? One of their secrets is cheek sculpting. It is a process that gives the appearance of higher cheekbones to enhance natural beauty.

Now you can get on with your life and waltz out of the door with beautiful bone structure, rather than looking artificially bronzed or worrying about a makeup meltdown. I call this magic.

#8. A Designer Handbag
A designer handbag has a special type of power. Not only can it instantly update every piece in your closet, but it can give you an undeniable spring in your step. This Chanel 2.55 is one good example.

#9. Makeup
Generally speaking, you really can't go wrong with a beauty gift. There are countless options when it comes to personality and budget, and no one minds the excuse for some personal pampering. But as crowd-pleasing as these gifts are, there's definitely some etiquette to keep in mind when selecting the perfect beauty present for anyone on your list. These guidelines, while not hard and fast, can make the difference between something that ends up collecting dust or getting re-gifted, and a real winner that ends up becoming a staple in your recipient's routine. Treat your loved one with a gift card from Sephora! It is the ultimate gift of beauty.

#10. Spend The Day With Her

You spend 40 hours a week at work and barely even have enough time to breathe. It's no wonder that most of us find it hard to spend quality time with those we love so much. Take some time off and spend a relaxing day with your other half by going for lunch, taking a holiday or anything else you love doing together. The best gift a man can give to his woman is his time, his attention and of course his love. 


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