How Hollywood Stars Keep Their Hair From Getting Destroyed

Isn't it ironic that Hollywood stars epitomize hair goals, yet break every rule in the book...daily. Hot tools. Constant dye jobs. Elaborate hairstyles. Tons of products. All this, with nary a split end in sight. It's infuriating and such a conundrum to us, that we had to get to the bottom of it.

#1: They take their hair regimens seriously—and stick to 'em
Stars in Hollywood know that looking good is part of their career, so they take their beauty regime very seriously and never skimp on taking care of themselves. If you want your mane to stack up, you've got to put in the time.

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Sometimes, the truth is boring, but here it is: The well-known, FDA-approved topical over-the-counter drug minoxidil (brand name Rogaine) is what anyone concerned with hair loss should use, because copious research has made it clear that minoxidil works for the majority of people who use it. Minoxidil is available in 2% or 5% concentrations. When applied twice daily, most will find it can restore hair growth and stop some amount of hair loss. It's boring, but true! The trick is to start using it as soon as you notice any amount of hair loss, because waiting limits minoxidil's ability to stimulate new hair growth and help you hang on to the hair you have.
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#2: They take vitamins, because it all starts *within*
Supplements will improve things dramatically, especially for hair that's regularly heat styled and processed. Popping vitamins ensures scalp health, allowing it to grow in faster, thicker, and healthier. Hair-specific vitamins such as Vitamin A, Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Zinc have also been touted to help with hair woes.

#3.They use heat protectants when styling 
If you use hot tools, this is a non-negotiable step in styling. Thermal protectants protect hair from heat damage and keep color from fading.

Use Heat Protectants: Alterna Bamboo Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant Spray
With an exceptionally high level of thermal protection of up to 428 degrees, this multitasking formula provides maximum anti-breakage protection from chemical treatments and tools so hair is not only repaired and replenished, but also thoroughly protected inside and out. It works to detangle, soften, and create a protective moisturizing barrier around the hair's outer layer, eliminating dryness and brittleness while naturally increasing its strength and elasticity.

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#4: They color their hair gradually (most of the time) 
When it comes to hair color, although stars are known for dramatic color changes, what most people don't realize is that these changes take time. Most women will gradually change their hair color, like how Khloé Kardashian made her way to blonde bombshell over the course of a year, thanks to Tracey Cunningham."

This isn't to say that celebrities don't take the express route. But when they do, it's an all-day (or even several day) process to get there, with lots of conditioning in between. 

#5: They use wigs and hair pieces
Whether it's for a big role, photo shoot, or a one-night-only statement look, hair pieces are commonplace in Hollywood. I think wigs are great because if the star isn't committed to the new hair color, the change can really set back their hair goals. 

Kylie Jenner is a pretty strong force in the beauty industry right now, we'll give her that. From sold-out liquid lipsticks to nail polish to bringing back lip gloss, and her ever changing wigs— she has influence, that's for sure.


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