How Taking Selfies Can Cause You To Age Prematurely

According to Daily Mail, 26-year-old Mehreen Baig takes up to 50 selfies a day for her blog and Instagram, which, honestly, doesn’t sound like all that many. Still, after becoming worried the light from her phone was prematurely aging her skin, she decided to do a little research. What she found was startling. How bad exactly are our electronic devices for our skin? Let us count the ways: We’ve been told time and again how much sitting at our computer is killing us, not to mention the major impact blue light has on our sleep patterns. Staying mindful and anxiety-free? Not so easy when you’re logging countless hours on the Internet, it turns out. And now, add this to the laundry list: Using your phone could be taking a major toll on your skin, in a way that’s equivalent (and in some ways worse) than sun damage. Just… great.

Scroll through to find out how the digital age is harming your skin!

(+)The Culprit: Light From Your Devices
Apparently, the culprit is high-energy visible (or HEV) light, commonly known as the blue light emitted from your TV, computer, and smartphone. Because these devices became indispensible to our lifestyles so quickly (remember the days when you didn’t check your cell phone every five minutes, like 10 years ago?), research on the specific effects of HEV light is still developing. But what scientists do know is that this light penetrates skin more deeply than UV rays, and studies on the way HEV impacts DNA leads them to believe that it could accelerate photoaging—the skin changes commonly associated with sun damage. Even without concrete answers about the extent of this damage, it’s pretty terrifying, considering how long we’ve gone without knowing this and subsequently taking the opportunity to protect ourselves. 

But much like we can’t exactly avoid the sun at all times, our computers, while not a great source of vitamin D, are a pretty essential source of our livelihood (also important). The good news is that the beauty industry is slowly taking steps to protect our skin from damaging electronic light in the same way that it tackles UV rays: with protectant creams.

(+) Make Beauty's Moonlight Primer
Make Beauty is one of the first brands to own this small but surely soon-to-be-mighty corner of the market, through the release of its Moonlight Primer ($55, pictured) this fall. The marine-infused moisturizer and makeup base is specially formulated to shield against HEV light. “We use a vegetal source of melanin, an edible marine algae, and a fraction of shea butter that work as a biological active complex that not only protects against HEV light and the effects of Infrared, or IR light but also against environmental pollutants: soot, car exhaust, free radicals, and general urban grime,” says the brand’s creative director, Ariana Mouyiaris. 

Although scientists are still investigating the effects, they do know that HEV light penetrates the skin more deeply than UV rays. Studies also suggest that it could accelerate photoaging - the skin damage commonly associated with exposure to sunlight. Sunscreen cannot protect skin from HEV light yet, but it is something scientists are investigating. There are three main factors that lead to skin damage: pollution, sun damage and HEV light damage. The combination of these three factors cause heat and inflammation under the skin, slowing down the skin's ability to heal and protect itself.

The best thing to do would be to incorporate antioxidants into your anti-ageing regime. You may always wish to speak to your dermatologist on anti-ageing solutions to combat the harmful aging effects of HEV light. 

(+) 1. Start With the Do’s:

SPF - Sun’s damaging UV rays accounts for 80 percent of skin ageing. Enough said.

Antioxidants - Include antioxidants in your skincare and diet to neutralize collagen-culling free radical damage. 

Sloane Inc Skin Superfood Red Algae S9.8 uses Astaxanthin, the world’s most powerful antioxidant, for maximal rejuvenation. Studies have consistently shown that Astaxanthin protects the skin against sunburn and UV damage, and improves skin smoothness, elasticity, hydration, fine lines and pigmentation.

A little amount, applied in the morning before you start your day, goes a long way in keeping your sin radiant and glowing for years to come.

(+) 2. Upgrade Your Skincare:
Incorporate an anti-aging cocktail of vitamin C and peptide-packed products in the day, and an AHA or retinoid product at night to invigorate tired cells, and support collagen-spinning.

Incorporate Sloane Inc Miracle Lift with collagen-boosting peptides in the day and the cell-invigorating Sloane Inc Sleeping Peel at night into your skincare regime to leave wrinkles in the dark and inspire a radiant complexion.  Sloane Inc Sleeping Peel has slow-release AHAs to promote healthy cellular turnover and unveil a fine luminosity

Besides speeding up cellular renewal, products containing retinol or other Vitamin A derivatives such Sloane Inc. Age Defy can further help slow the clock by boosting collagen replenishment and smoothing away fine lines.

(+) 3. Have your Dermatologist on speed-dial

To rejuvenate time-worn skin faster and better, consider light (LED Red & lasers), radiofrequency and ultrasound in-office fixes. These treatments effectively place your ageing in your own hands by supercharging collagen regeneration and cellular repair in the deeper layers of the skin.

Keep your complexion in pristine condition with regular Deep Red and Eye Fabulosity facials, a divine duo that purifies and promotes overall skin health by boosting skin’s blood circulation and moisture-retaining capabilities for supple, clear, radiant skin, for longer. 

Need more complexion oomph to make up for prematurely ageing? Laser Toning is an all-time favourite to gently revive tired under eyes and a dull derma, while keeping pores, breakouts and fine lines at bay.

Also, you can nip skin ageing in the bud with Fraxel Light, the age-defying secret of the stars that bolsters skin’s natural ability to self-rejuvenate, resulting in a luminous clarity and taut smoothness year after year.


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