5 Genius Hacks Every Girl With Thin Hair Should Know

Let’s face it. When it comes to the looks department, it’s pretty much a universal truth that we want whatever feature we don’t have. A sprinkling of adorable freckles? We drool. High and chiseled-to-perfection cheekbones? Mhmm. And for those of us with finer-than-fine locks, a full and voluminous head of hair is at the top of the list. True, we may have minimal hair sweat during the hottest days of summer, and it may take us less than an arm, leg, and full 60 minutes for an at-home blowout, but what girl doesn’t aspire for locks à la Adriana, Chanel, and Gigi? (Yep, that’s what we thought). So, to lend a helping hand, we’ve scoured the Internet to come up with a list of the best hacks to give your thin hair the va-va-voom factor it’s been yearning for. (Hair flip optional.)

Keep scrolling for our must-read volume-boosting tips!

(+) 1. Revage Hair Laser for Hair Rejuvenation
If thinning has left you spinning, this FDA-approved scalp laser that has made ‘head’-lines may help you see light at the end of the tunnel. Just 30 minutes of the no-frail light therapy a week counters effects of stress, ageing and genetics by fighting follicle-hindering hormones, delivering a mega circulation boost to rejuvenate the scalp, fortifying feeble follicles and supercharging hair growth with its deep-penetrating laser energy. This allows you to shun shedding, sprout healthier, stronger strands, and build body painlessly and effectively, without side effects of oral medications, in as little as 12 weeks.

Ideal For: Ladies and men who are scant on time and hair, or are noticing finer, weaker strands with age. Anyone who is secretly afraid of taking on a balding parental semblance, or would just like to max out their mane potential and maintain it for as long it as possible.

(+) 2. Mind Your Ends

Have you ever noticed that in the days immediately following a fresh trim you feel like you actually have more hair? Even if you’ve removed some length, your hair probably feels thicker due to how clean and fresh your ends are. Frequent trims and end maintenance will help prevent hair from reaching that straggly and stringy point of no return, which just exacerbates the appearance of already thin strands. To keep ends sealed (and your hair glossy and full), we love Redken Extreme Length Sealer ($24), which can be applied on damp and dry hair.

(+) 3. Cleanse and Condition the Right Way

We’ve preached the benefits of extending your blowout as long as humanly possible time and time again. Simply put, fewer washings equates to healthier hair. However, oil and grease plague those of us with fine hair a heck of a lot faster than those with thicker locks. Thus, we’re undoubtedly going to have to suds up a bit more often—sigh. So, the new modus operandi wiIl be incorporating a volume-boosting (and preferably sulfate-free)’poo and conditioner into your shower regimen ASAP—remembering to only apply conditioner from the mid-lengths through the ends. This will help keep your strands clean while also promoting some voluminous bounce.

(+) 4. Become a Product Pro
At the vanguard of the assault on hair loss is Sloane Inc Hair Recovery S13.2. Armed with reliable science, this rejuvenating complex counters hair fall and temporary thinning caused by stress, life changes like childbirth, illnesses, medication, chemical damage or other follicular follies.

The advanced hair tonic with clinically-proven minoxidil and botanicals optimises scalp microcirculation to support existing strands and encourage new growth, while providing essential nourishment to restructure, thicken, and fortify hair.

Perfect for regular maintenance of thick lustrous tresses in both ladies and men. Boost results with Revitascalp to reverse the tides in cases of significant thinning.

(+) 5. Cut the Coconut

We know. This statement is practically slander—going against current beauty religion and pretty much everything we’ve been telling you since coconut oil became, well, everything. However, coconut oil and thin hair do not a match make. Essentially, coconut oil (which is extremely heavy) acts as a coat of shine, rather than a dose of legitimate hydration. Eventually, the oil will lead to icky buildup on fine strands and will discourage volume by weighing hair down. So, instead of using coconut oil straight-up, try applying a well-balanced hair mask that incorporates the oil (because shine!) but integrates other hair-healthy ingredients as well. We’re currently loving L’Oréal Oleo Therapy Deep Recovery Mask ($9).


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