5 Ways to Achieve the Instagram-Worthy Airbrushed Look (no photoshop, we swear)

Thanks to Instagram, we can now all pretend like we have the poreless #nofilter (but totally filtered) skin of our dreams. However, the right lighting can only do so much—and while there are apps and filters that can fake a flawless complexion, we want our skin to look smooth IRL. Say hello to these five skin-blurring secrets that give you a Photoshop-esque perfection. 

This multi-action peel resurfaces and rejuvenates simultaneously, instantly diminishing pore size with the synergistic actions of carbon lotion and the deep penetrating Revlite Laser. This is multi-tasking par excellence, with improvements on skin tone, texture, pore size, and oil production even after just one treatment.

Available as the Pore Reduction Program

This unique injection technique allows Botox to take effects in the dermis. By acting on the tiny muscles controlling the pores, Microrefine significantly diminishes pore-size, improves skin oiliness, and imparts translucency to the skin.

SmartX literally gives your skin a rebirth by resurfacing the skin in a controlled, gentle manner with minimal downtime. You can say goodbye to all skin problems, including open pores, acne scars, wrinkles, sagginess, and pigmentation. The best part is that the immediate effects are not all that you get – your skin undergoes ongoing metamorphosis for 3 months after each procedure, with further improvements in skin texture.

Available as the Sparkling Skin Program

(+) 4. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Blur Primer

Leave it to YSL to make a luxurious primer that not only looks luxurious but also feels (and smells) luxurious. Packed with four nourishing oils, this primer minimizes pore size and leaves skin feeling smooth, without any greasy residue. The best part? It’s non- comedogenic, making it suitable for all skin types (yes, sensitive skin too).

(+) 5. MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation
In today's digital age of Instagram, seven-second videos, and of course, selfies, an HD foundation becomes almost as essential to your social game as a strong Wi-Fi connection and adequate battery life. What this means is that every pore, wrinkle and mark will be even more obvious on our television, tablet and smartphone screens.

Make Up For Ever pioneered the HD category years ago with their original formula and were long praised for their ability to create an airbrushed effect under the most high-def cameras. Since all cameras are making the switch to 4K technology next year, the brand appropriately chose to upgrade the classic to ensure your #NoFilter selfies could live up to their claims. The ultra-fine mica and pigments are coated in amino acids to mimic the appearance of your own skin, just slightly more flawless, and the infusion of hyaluronic acid keeps your complexion hydrated, further extending the wear. While not all of us need to be in front of 4K television cameras, it’s reassuring to know that with this on, our skin will look absolutely flawless in front of the best of camera lenses.


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