5 Things Men Dislike About Women

In not-surprising-at-all news, men have pretty strong opinions when it comes to women's hair and makeup. The slight hitch: Guys don't always agree on the looks they love and hate. Some guys love long hair on women, others prefer short. Some go nuts for the "no makeup" look, while others think a red lip is the ultimate in sexy. 

There were a few common trends though. Almost all guys hate "mom" hair (hello Kate Gosselin pre-hair extensions) and loathe when women cake on the foundation. There were a few other nearly universal dislikes which you can read about below.

(+) 1. Fake Lips
Yes, many men do love big lips, however like with many other things, they like natural big lips. There is nothing sexy or hot about a girl who has added abnormally big lips to their face. With Kylie Jenner getting so much attention because of her new lips, I can see why many girls feel they would look better with big lips, but don’t over- do it. If you’re not blessed with Angelina Jolie’s bee-stung pouts? Consider dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm, which are injected into the lips to make them appear plumper. Not only these microinjections of natural hyaluronic acid helps to plump your lips, it revitalises dull, lacklustre and chapped lips, leaving behind sexy, smooth pouts overnight!

(+) 2. Too Much Makeup
That's a given right? Having too much makeup on is something guys hate. There is nothing less attractive then giving a guy a hug and having half of your face drip onto his shirt. A lot of the times, girls go overboard with foundation and bronzer and what they don’t realize is that guys can tell when they have put on too much. There is nothing wrong about wearing makeup, in fact I believe women should wear it, however, keep it light and natural, you should just want to brighten up not change your skin tone completely.

(+) 3. Long, Pointy Fingernails
Long, pointy nails, also known as claws are all the rage amongst women right now. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner are big fans of this nail style and have been seen rocking extremely long nails for the last year or so. Although many women have decided to follow this trend, men sincerely can’t stand it. So while you are off thinking that your long nails are extremely attractive, to men it can actually be a big turn off. Guys are generally into a more natural look, so girls, keep your nails an acceptable length, unless your man has said he actually likes your claws.

(+) 4. Body Image Issues
I hate my #skin. I wish my #hair was longer, softer, shinier. I loathe my thighs. This is one of the things guys hate about girls because they just don’t understand it. They’re allowed to basically consider their bodies as transportation for their intellects. So they don’t understand that, after years of media conditioning and peer pressure, how women consider their bodies as a visual representation of all we are.

(+)5. Bad Complexion
A calm and clear complexion has always been considered attractive universally. When your skin is blotchy, blemished, inflamed or puffy, it indicates stress or manifestation of some kind of reaction and allergy. Do not neglect your daily skincare routine, and do seek help if necessary to tend to the inflammation properly.

It used to be courses after courses of oral medications for women suffering from persistent hormonal acne. Now you can stamp out stubborn acne as you kickstart dermal repair and rejuvenation with drug-free clinical treatments during lunch hour.

Pore Reduction Program attacks acne and its accompanying unsightlies from all angles with not one, but three blemish nemeses.

Microdermabrasion (MDA) first provides the much-needed exfoliation to enhance clog-clobbering, radiance-revving cellular renewal, and to optimise penetration of laser and skincare.

The Laser Peel then employs an intense, yet gentle, beam of light energy that zooms in on pores to deeply decongest acne-causing comedones and regulate the activity of hormone-driven oil glands, hence reducing breakouts, blackheads and big pores.

LED Red light therapy adds the final soothing touch to douse inflammation in zits and restore peace and pretty in redness-prone, sensitive or stressed skin.

At the same time, all three modalities synergistically spur healing of the acne aftermath to lighten pimple marks (and sunspots), fill and soften fresh scars from the inside out, as well as to supercharge texture-toning collagen regeneration.


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