How to Get Kendall Jenner's to die for look

She has walked some of the biggest catwalks in the world, is rumoured to be the new face of Chanel and has a net worth of a cool £1.9million. We're talking about Kendall Jenner, who, if the recent state of her career is anything to go by, looks set to usurp Cara Delevingne as the world's biggest supermodel in 2015. Here, Kendall Jenner sports an enviable dewy complexion, sculpted features and of course a kick-ass figure.

Read on for how to achieve Kendall's effortless supermodel glow:

(+) 1. Sculpted cheeks with Restylane Hydrolift
In the past, fillers have been used to plump up wrinkles and lines. In recent years, innovative ways to enhance your beauty using fillers have been introduced. Popularized by Korean celebs who desired both lifted, contoured faces sans scalpel as well as dewy, luminous skins, the Restylane® Hydrolift is specially designed to deliver these multiple benefits using natural hyaluronic acid. 

Now, a sunken mid face bony structure detracts from the desirable full, youthful contours of an ideal heart-shaped face and tends to cast shadows in the undereyes that render one perpetually tired-looking To get Kendall's look, Restylane Hydrolift does double duty of lifting sunken cheeks and undereye hollows, and illuminating dull, dehydrated skin simultaneously to elevate your beauty quotient. This imbues an Instagram-ready dewy glow, smoothens residual wrinkles without freezing any expressions, and subtly plumps volume-deficient areas to cheer up shadowy undereye hollows or highlight the brow arch and outer corners of the eyes for instant uplifting sparkle to your eyes. No frozen zombies, no contouring disasters, ‘cos you positively #wokeuplikethis. Who says fillers are unnatural?

(+) 2. Fair, Translucent Skin with Divine Whitening Program
Fairness has been coveted and use as a measure for beauty. From Cleopatra famous beauty bath of milk and honey to the nightingale’s poop favored by Japanese geishas; women then and now will go more than an extra mile to bring their skin tone just that notch lower. It is a classic definition of beauty that transcends time and unlike any fashion trend, a great fair complexion will never go out of style. 

While a few strategically-placed freckles might look adorable on a no-trace face, a graffitied mess of irregular pigmentation will rob away skin’s pure luminosity and add years to the face. The pairing of the stain-dissolving Pigment Laser and radiance-infusing Vitamin Therapy remains an all-time favourite in our signature Divine Whitening Program to promote a head-turning translucent glow. Based on a landmark Japanese study, this crowd-pleaser targets spots and rebalances the colour tone deep within skin while boosting and realigning collagen strands in a parallel fashion that can reflect light optimally.

(+) 3. Be proactive in your skincare regime

Do you know that the Kardashian-Jenner clan were taught great skincare tips since young? It was reported that the clan has their derma on speed dial and that Kim was the one who taught her younger sisters to never leave the house without sunblock. 

Well, the best time to fight skin ageing is before it happens. Instead of waiting out passively for the mirror to tell, ageless women choose to take things in their hands. They take primary prevention measures in their college days, like slathering on sunscreen and antioxidants daily, to protect what they have when other carefree youths are sleeping in their makeup. They opt for early interventions to repair the first subtle signs of wear and tear in the façade with non-invasive skin treatments in their 30s, rather than undergoing a massive surgical overhaul when the entire structure has quietly eroded away over the years and the roof finally caves in to hit the ground in their 50s.

If you want to look better than your peers and quietly get ahead of others by jumpstarting your ageless radiance, now it's a good time to start!

[+] Start With the Do’s:

skin superfood
Sloane Inc. Skin Superfood Red Algae arms your skin with the super antioxidant, Astaxanthin, to ward off wrinkles, sagging and dull, uneven skin tone.
  • SPF - Sun’s damaging UV rays accounts for 80 percent of skin ageing. Enough said.
  • Antioxidants - Include antioxidants in your skincare and diet to neutralize collagen-culling free radical damage. P.S.: Spending serious bucks on collagen drinks isn’t likely to bump up your collagen levels directly, although antioxidants frequently added to them can give a healthy glow.
[+] Mind Your Don’ts:
  • Smoking - Lighting up sparks premature ageing by destroying collagen and impairing skin’s healing abilities.
  • Sugar & Alcohol - Refined carbs poison skin by damaging collagen strands through glycation. Also limit yourself to 1-2 drinks once or twice weekly. Sipping excessively creates low-grade inflammation, which hastens collagen breakdown.
  • Stress - While this might be unavoidable, try to clock sufficient beauty rest and gym-time to counter some of the collagen-crumbling effects of this great enemy of beautiful skin.
(+) 4.  Makeup Tip: Achieve dewy skin with a lightweight BB Cushion

As all beauty insiders know, nothing beats a K-beauty cushion foundation for that sheer, dewy-skinned effect. These light-to-medium coverage base products have been a staple in beauty routines for years now, owing to the no-makeup makeup look that’s – relatively! – fuss-free and appropriate for all occasions. On top of the natural and radiant glow that it creates on the skin, these products have also been touted to have more skincare benefits than your traditional foundation.

At the forefront of this trend is the cushion compact, famous for its quick and easy application and ability to create the “mul-gwang-pi-bu” glow – which literally translates to “water glow” skin – seen on several Korean celebrities in popular dramas.

A global bestseller, this cushion promises to moisturise with mineral water and brighten with Bead Tree extract. It also claims to soothe and cool skin heated by the sun, by four degrees. Provides light to medium coverage with a dewy and bright finish. Makes skin feel refreshed and supple too. One of my all-time favourites.

(+) 5. Makeup Tip: Strobing
If you're beauty-obsessed and have an Instagram account, you've probably seen the hashtag #strobing a lot in the past few weeks. “Strobing,” which is essentially highlighting to the max, is a makeup technique that creates a “healthy glow at the highest voltage,”. It’ll look so natural, there’s no need to tell anyone your secret. Why yes, the light always does hit us that perfectly. 

For pale skin,  we recommend using a highlighter with light pink undertones. For medium and medium-deep skin, Goss says gold-based products are the way to go. And those with dark skin tones should look for highlighters with a burnt orange or burgundy color to them.

Move over contouring, strobing is now the in thing. 


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