Beauty Cheat Sheet: How to Look Your Best this Lunar New Year

Admit it: the Chinese New Year is quite, a dreaded holiday. Not to be negative but it's true- every year we’re pestered with repetitive questions that drive us up the wall. Why are you still single? How much is your salary? And of course the many creative ways of telling you that you've aged or that you're fat. Despite getting cheesed off, you hold your tongue, because at the end of the day, you are still your mother’s child.

Now, we give you some suggestions on what you can do to look like that , even at the eleventh hour. These secret tune-ups will have your friends and relatives doing a double-take at your artfully natural, beautifully refreshed face and physique during the upcoming lunar new year!

Here, we share 4 biggest secrets of those who always appear to look their best:

(+) 1. Botox for Facial Slimming
The perfect V-shaped face has been a silent envy of many ladies across Asia, everyday women and superstars alike. Now you can easily pare pounds off your face without the blade for a mysteriously fresh and defined contour: 

Genetically-prone to overly bulked up jaw (masseter) muscles and a deficient chin, BOTOX® microinjection in the masseter is big hit in Asia to magically shave pounds off a heavy square jaw sans scalpel. We know how the camera adds virtual kilos! Hence, Botox Microinjections allow you to shape up safely and discretely without surgery or downtime, giving you the illusion that you've lost some weight. Isn't it genius?

(+) 2. Do a quick detox

Looking forward to fitting in that tight cheongsam? Spring into the season svelte and energized with The Sloane Diet. Choose from a 7-day quick cleanse to bounce back with a renewed lightness in your step;that fully revitalizes your body and turbo-charges the metabolism with a balanced blend of super antioxidants and probiotics, whilst whittling your waistline with a clinically formulated meal replacement so you’ll emerge looking and feeling fabulous and rejuvenated from within. Two weeks left to the lunar new year, what are you waiting for?

(+) 3. Say goodbye to dull skin with Nova 3-R
Most ‘natural beauties’ simply have a trick or two they refuse to spill. Stay untouched by time and demands of life with this light therapy cum clinical facial regime that’s anti-dullness, anti-aging, and anti-almost-anything that stands between you and a beautiful complexion. Prepare to fall in love with your skin again. A trio of infrared, pulsed light and photobiomodulation tones the slack, evens skin tone and invigorates stressed, sapped skin for a show-stopping luminous clarity that’s poised for accolades and wow; a quick and painless lunchtime fix that may seem like a small step from you, but is a big step for your skin.

(+) 4. Get baby soft skin with Baby Drop Fillers
Why is a newborn’s skin so irresistibly smooth and soft? Because it contains an abundance of natural growth factors such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid needed to produce fresh, healthy cells. With age, skin’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid diminishes, causing inadequate cellular hydration which leads to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and folds. Baby Drop Fillers replenishes skin’s lost hyaluronic acid using a designer micro-injector to dispense ultra-fine droplets of hyaluronic acid into the skin’s dermis. This dermal rejuvenating procedure instantly revitalises fatigued complexions, boosts skin elasticity and subtly smoothens facial shadows without packing on unflattering volume. Repeated sessions offer synergistic benefits which include improvements in facial wrinkles, undereye hollows and overall skin texture for a picture-perfect smoothness. If you aim to impress on this lunar new year,  this is the beauty fix of choice.


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