Jessie Lee's Skin Transformation Journey: Part 1

Your face may give away more than just your age, in fact our appearance offers non-verbal cues about your personality and disposition which will invariably affect how others relate to you, and how you well you do in life. Eastern masters have long believed that our faces carry a wealth of predictions about our present and future and have developed a sophisticated metaphysical science of facial reading (Mian Xiang) that is still used today to discern one’s character from their outward appearance and unlock divine secrets of one’s future. Changing your face can thus alter your life path, for the better or worse. It’s no wonder that some ardent believers in the ancient art of face reading have been subtly enhancing their looks not just for vanity but to boost their personal happiness and fortunes. Believe it or not, you can instantly enhance your looks and luck using non-invasive aesthetic treatments. From FDA approved skin lifting technologies, dark eye circle erasing therapies, wrinkle reducing fillers and complexion brightening micro-injections, there are a plethora of of beauty treats available to improve our love, luck and life’s destiny safely and effectively.

Jessie Lee is the founder of the renowned Soleil Trinity Resource, a professional Chinese Metaphysics boutique consultancy firm in Malaysia, specialising in all aspects of Tarot Card reading, Bazi consultation, Palm and Face reading, Feng Shui consultation and Auspicious Dates. She approached The Sloane Clinic for skin lifting and skin smoothening treatments to boost her skin luminosity and overall luck for the upcoming New Year. She related her concerns to Dr Jinly Wong. Dr Jinly Wong then recommended a series of treatments to be performed on the very same day.

Before the treatments were administered, Jessie was asked to take pre-procedure pictures so that she can compare the results after the treatments were performed on her.

(+) LED Red
To rejuvenate time-worn skin faster and better, LED Red is an excellent treatment for skin rejuvenation. This treatment effectively place your ageing in your own hands by supercharging collagen regeneration and cellular repair in the deeper layers of the skin. Treatments are pain free and there is no downtime. All skin colors can be treated and clients return to their normal activities immediately after treatment. Most commonly LED Red treatments are distributed over several weeks or months. The number of treatments can vary depending on skin type; areas treated and associated skin conditions. Results tend to be more obvious as an increasing number of treatments are done. Since the ageing process cannot be halted, maintenance treatments are required. 

LED Red treatments are ideally combined with other non invasive treatments such as lunchtime laser procedures, IPL treatments as well as Botox and cosmetic fillers

(+) Natural Fillers for Laugh Lines
“Starved” laugh lines running from the sides of the nose directly into the corners of the mouth foretell a disastrous turn of events in your fifties. While premature appearance of laugh lines before age 40 spells many hardships. Fill your golden years with joy and prosperity using Natural Fillers. Skin-identical hyaluronic acid fillers are ideal to soften laugh lines instantly, subtly lift the lip corners into a pleasant smile, and sculpt a stronger and more proportionate chin that’s in harmony with your facial features – all at once.

(+) Botox for Upper Face
Deep frown lines and creases between the eyes or across your nose bridge are signs of a stressful, worry-filled life that might be complicated with ill-health. Unknot those furrows with a quick and simple BOTOX® treatment. 

(+) Laser Peel 
Everyone has them, yet many hate them. Pores – little holes in the skin vital to our physiology, which allow sweat sebum to be secreted onto the surface. We cannot live without them: without pores, we will quickly heat up and perish; yet: they make our skin look rough, dull , and flawed. While we cannot entirely get rid of them, there are ways to minimise their appearance. Laser Peel goes a notch deeper to challenge the notion of pores “born this way”. This smooth operator infiltrates into the depths of congested pores with the help of a specialized pre-laser Pore Matrix mask to clear the channels, bring overactive oil glands under control and strengthen the walls with collagen, hence giving you closure from open pores and converting greasy gleam into a polished glow. This is multi-tasking par excellence, with improvements on skin tone, texture, pore size, and oil production even after just one treatment.

After her treatments, Jessie was asked to take another set of "after pictures" so that she can compare her results accordingly. Evidently, her skin looks more lifted, remarkably brightened and her facial lines have been reduced! 

She will be undergoing more treatments on this transformational journey! Stay tuned to the details of part 2 of Jessie's transformation journey!


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