4 Ways to Detox This New Year

Between drinking what feels like your weight in cocktails, countless way-past-your-bedtime late nights, and eating (delicious) crap for weeks, you can end up feeling, well, gross, over the holidays. 

But don’t worry: All be-healthy hope is not lost. Now that the party is finally over, here, we've rounded up some easy ways to stay on track past all the mayhem. Best of all, these low-impact, minimum-commitment, tips don't require you to totally overhaul your diet and exercise plan in order to do them. 

(+) Get Moving
Thirty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a day will help you to get rid of those excess Christmas pounds. Well, you don’t have to fast for a fortnight or hit the gym every day to atone your festive sins. Many toxic elements are being excreted through sweat. So if you are up for gym session, why not check out if your local gym has a sauna that you can sit in and relax. Virtually, any forms of activities, from aerobics to yoga, increases your overall health and sense of well-being as it pumps up the production of your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters called endorphins.

(+) Stay Hydrated
Natural diuretics, in solid or liquid form, can help flush bloating. Drink plenty of water to allow the kidneys to flush out the bad stuff. Adding slices of lemon to the water not only adds a tangy taste but helps to balance your body pH (yes…it alkalinises instead of acidifies to aid detoxification). Fresh (and unsweetened) fruit and vegetable juices are flavourful and nutritious drinks as well. Sodas, on the other hand, are big no-nos.

Some great options: coconut water, green tea, and vegetables with a high water content like asparagus, cucumber, and fennel.

(+) Detox 
Ensuring proper bowel function helps to cleanse the body internally. If your bowels are on the sluggish side, chances are that toxins accumulated will be absorbed from the large bowel back into the blood stream. Many will again become heavier over the holidays. It seems almost inevitable that you overeat too often and workout too little during the holidays. During this time of the year, it can seem like an endless parade of pies, cookies, cocktails, wine and traditional desserts. Studies have shown that the average person packs on just under a pound between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. But those extra adipose cells tend to stick to the waistline for years!

Well, the holiday season is no time to start dieting because of all the temptations around you but there are a few smart moves that can help you avoid holiday weight gain. Experts suggest to keep tempting treats out of sight as much as possible. Watch out for calorie-atomic-bomb drinks like eggnog, which can have more than 350 calories per glass. Also beware of finger foods at parties, as mindless munching can add up. Another trick is to “ruin your appetite” before you get to a party. Rather than arriving ravenous, grab a handful or protein-rich snacks like nuts with some fruits prior. It will prevent you from binge-eating later.

Besides watching what you’re taking orally, supplement your holiday diet with Sloane Inc Detox Tea – a sugar-free, anti-oxidant rich, low calorie, all-natural drink that help to flush out toxins from your systems and boost your metabolism to burn fats quicker

(+) Clean Eating
Slow down on your chemical consumption and intake. This commonly includes smoking, alcohol, caffeine and processed or convenience foods. Also, a detox diet comprises mainly of vegetables, fruits and water. Include a good amount and a rainbow-coloured variety of fresh raw vegetables, fruits and berries as they are packed with valuable antioxidants and yummy. Overcooking often destroys valuable nutrients. But choose a trusty food source — taking produce laden with pesticides will defeat the purpose to rid your body of chemicals and toxins.


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