A Review: Clear-Fection Facial at The Sloane Spa

I have a fickle relationship with my skin — sometimes I love it, other times I revert to our adolescence and bunker up indoors in an effort to hide my breakouts from the world. Anyone that’s suffered even the most minimal form of acne knows how emotionally taxing the skin-care roller coaster can be, and that combating it takes more than an impulsively purchased serum or scrub. 

So, instead of fighting the blemish battle by constantly covering up or playing a rousing game of musical face products, I turned to the beauty gurus at The Sloane Clinic to guide me to a crystal-clear complexion. I've seen these gurus work wonders on my problematic skin for years, and the pros has a tip (or 10) for everyone out there — regardless of what shape your skin’s in. With their help, you'll be bidding those bumps adieu in no time. The intel ahead is spot on.

This skin clearing, comedone purging facial (with a Sloane twist) is ideal for up-keeping a perfectly clear complexion effortlessly.

This facial combines deep cleansing, dead cell exfoliation using our signature ultrasonic deep cleansing treatment, PPx vacuum + light therapy to detoxify pores and keep sebaceous glands tame & balanced, followed by a fruit acid wash to refine troubled skins. All these bring your skin a step closer to complexion Clear-fection.

60min S$470.80

You can check our my detailed Clear-Fection Vlog here!

I arrived at The Sloane Clinic's Villagespace branch for a Clear-Fection Facial on Monday. I started breaking out recently, perhaps due to my impending period. My pores are really congested and I feel like I don't have my A-game on. I have an wedding to attend this week so I can't afford any heavy downtime treatments. I needed to clarify my skin and unplug my clogged pores pronto. Don't you feel that after a deep cleansing treatment, your skin always looks better? Make up sits on for longer and the benefits of your skin care gets absorbed into you skin faster?

Step 1: Remove Makeup
First things first: Before every facial treatment, it is imperative that you wipe your face clean and remove all existing makeup. My therapist removed all my makeup with a gentle makeup remover.

Step 2: Cleanse
My therapist used upward, circular movements of the fingertips to gently stimulate the skin and help lift surface debris and excess oil. She then cleansed my face with warm water and gently pat excess moisture from face with a soft towel. If you wear heavy make-up, you might wish to repeat the cleansing process.
Step 3: Ultrasonic Deep Cleansing          
The Sloane Spa is a medical aesthetics spa. Hence, they do not believe in manual extractions which can lead to scarring. To purge impurities, they used an ultrasonic device to remove surface impurities. The therapy is excellent for acne-prone, clogged or blemished skin. It can also be done as part of a maintenance regime for those wishing to retain a spot-free and poreless appearance. 

Step 4: PPX (PhotoPneumatic Therapy)
PPX is actually Photopneumatic Therapy.Most patients start to see results immediately and with each session the improvements become more apparent; scars are also reduced and some even disappear altogether. The number of treatments is dependent on the condition of the patient. Generally, the patient requires a minimum of 5 sessions in order to achieve excellent results. Our doctor will advise you on the number of sessions required upon consultation.

The PPX combines a gentle vacuum with therapeutic broadband light to help rid your skin of acne-causing impurities, so your acne is cleared while your pores are cleansed simultaneously. During treatment, a PPX hand piece is placed on the skin, and a painless vacuum gently pulls impurities closer to the skin’s surface. A painless treatment light then flashes, helping to destroy bacteria. The whole process is painless, quick and effective, taking a mere 10 minutes to complete, and there is no downtime. PPX  not only helps to get rid of acne and pigmentation, it also helps to rejuvenate your skin painlessly.

Step 5: I-Clear
I-Clear is a pain-free, non-invasive treatment for moderate inflammatory acne (pimples) in all age groups that has now been cleared by the FDA. I-Clear utilizes innovative Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) technology to effectively target acne-causing bacteria without thermally affecting surrounding tissues using light. A typical I-Clear treatment session takes only 20 minutes. You can relax comfortably on a bed or chair during light application. Protective eye wear will be provided. There may be a slight warm sensation during treatment. I-Clear treatment is painless and safe.

I-Clear can clear most moderate inflammatory acne in as little as 8 treatment sessions (twice a week for 4 weeks). 
Step 6: Clarity Water       
After I-clear, my skin was swiped with Clarity Water. This magic potion gently exfoliates, offers anti-aging benefits, controls sebum and shine as well as tones skin texture. Boasting a beautifying blend of AHAs and BHAs, it removes residual impurities and dead skin cells for a refreshed feeling and healthy-looking glow.

Step 7: Face Mask                      
This highly sought after water infusion facial mask is saturated with moisture-magnetising hyaluronic acid to nourish your skin's natural emollient system, leaving you with luxuriously luminous skin in 20 minutes or less. 

Step 8: Moisturizer and Sunblock
After 20 minutes, my therapist removed my face mask and my skin was prepped with moisturizer and sunblock. Voila!!

My skin is definitely much cleaner and the "bumps" on my face have been purged. I will follow up regularly with maintenance facials so that I can be on the road to spotless and clear skin. 



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