Contour Perfection: Achieving Chiseled Faces like the Kardashians

For better or worse, we’re a society obsessed with keeping up with the Kardashians—literally. We obsess over the family’s photos on Instagram, we watch them on TV, and we shell out hard-earned cash to witness their antics on brand-new apps. And this obsession has led to a strange phenomenon in the beauty world: the quest for fantastically chiseled faces. The Kardashian’s famous love of contouring has led to a cosmetics boom, not only with dedicated products but also with a rise in plastic surgery and non invasive aesthetic procedures to copy that slimmed, defined face that Kim and Co. are so well-known for.

Nose Contouring: Occupying the prime location in our facial neighborhood, this central feature is, unfortunately, most commonly the weakest in a typical Asian face. To target the frequent issues of “too flat a bridge, and too wide and short a tip”. Natural Fillers is a well-tested and simple way to achieve a perkier, sharper and slimmer nose with surgery. This will not only beautify your side profile, but also visually narrows down a wide Asian face by drawing the spotlight back to the previously flat,  central face.

Lip Contouring: These days when the signature bee stung pout of Kylie Jenner get so much attention, most women and men associate her lips to full-on sex appeal. So, if you want to catch a man’s attention, don’t bother flicking your hair, just tune up the volume of your lips, ladies! Kylie Jenner’s confession that she has had lip fillers done to boost her pout has led to a surge in enquiries for the procedure. According to some clinics, the revelation has led to a huge increase in enquiries to copy Jenner’s look A voluptuous set of puckers speaks volumes about your feminine beauty. Besides being a direct advertisement of your youth and sensuality, subtle plumping and highlighting of strategic central cushions of the lips with hyaluronic acid microinjections can do wonders to enhance your overall facial harmony.

Cheek Contouring: She has walked some of the biggest catwalks in the world, is rumoured to be the new face of Chanel and has a net worth of a cool £1.9million. We're talking about Kendall Jenner, who, if the recent state of her career is anything to go by, looks set to usurp Cara Delevingne as the world's biggest supermodel in 2015. Here, Kendall sports soft, naturally sculpted cheeks and an enviable dewy complexion to die for. 

Now, a sunken mid face bony structure detracts from the desirable full, youthful contours of an ideal heart-shaped face and tends to cast shadows in the undereyes that render one perpetually tired-looking. To get Kendall's look, Restylane Hydrolift does double duty of lifting sunken cheeks and undereye hollows, and illuminating dull, dehydrated skin simultaneously to elevate your beauty quotient.

Jaw & Chin Contouring: We know how the camera adds virtual kilos. The timeless allure of a fabulously defined V-line spotted ubiquitously on-screen has inspired hordes of ladies to make a beeline for BOTOX® Facial Slimming and Chin Enhancement. Genetically-prone to overly bulked up jaw (masseter) muscles and a deficient chin, BOTOX® microinjection in the masseter is big hit in Asia to magically shave pounds off a heavy square jaw discretely, while sculpting fillers can lend your face a well-proportioned chin for an ultra chiseled look like Kim K.

Forehead Contouring: A full, elegantly contoured forehead and temples as seen in Khloe Kardashian, is the final piece of the puzzle to the mysterious ideal face. Smooth age-related hollows and accentuate the sensual curves of this oft-neglected area with Voluma High Definition Face Lift to optimize your facial profile whilst lifting saggy brows.


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