How to Look Absolutely Amazing in A Decade's Time

Women will do anything to look young, revealed a recent study. Research shows that there are in fact two distinct types of ageing--- intrinsic and extrinsic ageing. Intrinsic ageing, also known as the natural ageing process, normally begins in your mid-20s. Genes control how quickly the normal ageing process unfolds. Extrinsic ageing, on the other hand is dependent on a number of external factors such as UV rays from sun exposure, repetitive facial expressions, gravity, smoking etc. Together, both these processes act in concert to determine how you look in ten years time.

Amidst the plethora of ‘miracle’ lotions and folklore potions, what should you do to ensure your skin actually fulfills its youth potential? You know that frustratingly gorgeous friend of yours? The one who puts on some chapstick and walks out the door looking barefaced chic – no problem – and continuously receives compliments for looking at least a decade younger than her real age? The truth is, staying ‘effortlessly’ ageless is not just about striking genetic lottery. Well, if you’re still fretting over that looming year-end class reunion, doctors from The Sloane Clinic have identified a five-point transformational strategy that will maximise your complexion’s flawless potential while sowing the seeds for a more youthful-looking skin in the years to come.

DEFYING GRAVITY:  We all know regular exercise and healthy diet are fundamental to look and feel good. But maintaining good skin fitness for a firm, lifted visage that defies time and gravity? That requires a little extra help.

(+) Solve it: The 3D Facelift helps you realign your appearance with your younger self within – sans surgery. Turbocharge your gravity-defying efforts with The Sloane Clinic's award winning 3D Facelift Program, which harvests the synergistic effects of two of the world’s leading anti-ageing superstars – one shot of Ulthera non-surgical ultrasound soft tissue firming treatment, with another of Thermage radiofrequency skin tightener – to restrengthen and rejuvenate skin’s entire collagen supportive structure from within. Signs of late nights and a fast-paced lifestyle start to quietly vaporise into smoke as existing collagen fibres experience an instant recoil for a quick, subtle bounce back to youth, whilst new collagen genesis occurs over subsequent months to stealthily sculpt a more V-shaped visage, bright opened eyes, and a toned and smoother neckline.

SEE THE LIGHT: Skin discolouration in the form of lovable freckles or in the guise of more troubling melasma can add years to your looks. In a study, researchers found that women with even-coloured complexions are seen as more youthful.

(+) Solve it: Help your complexion see the light with Divine Whitening Program which employs the synergistic combination of Pigment Lasers with Vitamin Therapies to lighten existing pigmentation. This FDA-approved Pigment Laser breaks up unwanted pigment cells and evens out skin tone for a fairer and brighter complexion. Other parts of the body including the face, neck, hands, back, arms and legs can also be treated.

A SMOOTHER RIDE: Nobody likes a bumpy ride. From scars to pores, fine lines to crepey skin, an uneven, lacklustre skin texture is one of the first tell-tale signs of ageing.

(+) Solve it: Give your complexion an overhaul with Smart X Light, a fractionated carbon dioxide laser that can easily breathe new life into your lacklustre complexion but without the tell tale downtime. It delivers deep dermal, peau-transforming benefits which include instant stimulation of skin’s production of new collagen, improvement in skin texture and elasticity as well as the correction of imperfections and fine lines. This complexion-transforming, texture-refining and skin-lifting treatment is a hit with mature skins who want youth-revival on top of deeper issues such as acne scars and enlarged pores and weather-beaten skin.

BRIGHTEN UP: Hyaluronic acid, naturally found in our skin, is a key component for hydration and moisture retention. Skin starts to lose hyaluronic acid as early as mid-20s which explains why our complexions gradually lose their youthful radiance and appear dull and wrinkled with age.

(+) Solve it: Replenish diminishing stores of hyaluronic acid with Revitalift, a natural hyaluronic acid filler that is infused into the dermal layer of your skin via microinjections to rejuvenate and hydrate dehydrated skin as well as smoothen out wrinkles for a younger-looking complexion. A course of 3 to 6 treatment sessions may be recommended according to your age and skin condition. As treatment progresses, the skin regains its youthful elasticity for a brighter, more dewy and radiant complexion. When used on the undereye area, it brightens dark eye circles and revitalises periorbital fine lines.

NEUTRALIZE REDNESS: Red skin making you feel blue? Broken capillaries, red acne scars and facial flushing can lend a blotchy crimson hue to your complexion that is less than desirable. Ditch the heavy-duty concealer and go bare-faced with confidence by tackling these red triggers at its root.

(+) Solve it: The cornerstone of The Sloane Clinic’s Balancing Program is Vbeam Perfecta, a FDA-approved pulsed dye laser that effectively neutralizes skin redness, broken capillaries, red acne scars, and facial flushing while delivering skin rejuvenating benefits. Vbeam Perfecta has the unique ability to selectively target red blood vessels underneath the skin without affecting surrounding tissues. An added bonus: its collagen boosting properties promotes a toned and supple skin while adding a luminous radiance to the complexion, paving the way for a clearer, smooth and flawless skin. As we say: don’t get ‘red’, get even.


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