The Art of Hair Restoration Workshop - Secrets to Lust Worthy Hair

I'm going to be very honest here. My hair is one of my greatest assets. From a tender age, I boasted long, silky and healthy locks thanks to good genes. Of course, I took them for granted since my mane required low maintenance. 

Over the years, as I adjourned into my adolescent years; bright and bolder hair colors were all the rage. The teen years are all about change. You’ll experiment with fashion, music, make-up and, of course, your hair. Hair is so versatile that you can quickly and easily transform your entire look in a matter of hours. I put new colors in my hair regularly, bleaching them very often so that I can transform from a brunette to a blonde, then a blonde to a redhead two weeks after. Shortly after, the korean soft wave rage hit our tiny shores and I remember experimenting with hot curlers and permanent perms just to achieve the korean soft wavy bounce. As a result, my hair condition started going downhill from there. Ten years later, my hair has become dry and damaged. My locks no longer boast the same shine and lustre as compared to before and I only have myself to blame. I have since gone for many treatments to restore my hair to its former glory but to no avail.

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation from The Sloane Clinic to attend their Art Of Hair Restoration Workshop. The workshop will be touching on the latest medical solutions to address a range of hair woes like male pattern hair loss and female hair thinning. Just the kind of workshop I really need to attend. 

Common Causes of Hair Loss
Unfortunately, when Mother Nature knocks, she tends to arrive early in many men, and means business. The cruel march toward baldness due to the extremely prevalent hereditary male pattern hair loss (95% of men) can commence even before his 21st birthday, as evidenced by an insidiously receding hairline over the years. By 30, over a third of men would find themselves with siginificant hair thinning on their crowns.

Ladies, are by no means spared from a similar fate of gradually thinning hair imprinted in their genes or as a result of an aging scalp. Others affected by style-damaged hair or hormonal and stress-related problems which are common in the fairer sex, are often rudely shocked as they wake up to homeless follicles on pillows, and saddened by the hours spent picking hair-balls out of the shower drains and combs.

But life doesn’t have to leave you with a degenerating doughnut of a crown. With science in the service of mankind, there has been a surge of products and techniques to not only treat hair loss before it happens, but reverse it. Quality hair products exist to help keep your hair on your head and keep it healthy – the key to success is early intervention and accurate diagnosis.

Common Causes of Hair Loss:
  • Genetic – Male pattern balding may start out as early as the teens. Typical female pattern hair loss is more noticeable by the 40s.
  • Age-related thinning
  • Stress – Emotional and physical (childbirth, high fever and illnesses, crash dieting)
  • Hair Breakage – Heat or chemical damage, harsh styling
  • Diseases – Metabolic (thyroid hormone imbalance, iron deficiency anemia), autoimmune disorders, scalp infections
  • Certain Medications 

ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

Dr Chua Han Boon started off with an introduction to this brand new technology which was rather intriguing. In the past few years, Medicine has made tremendous strides in the field of hair restoration with the advent and rapid evolution of surgical hair transplant.

While hair transplant was previously viewed as a bloody, low-yield last ditch fight to reclaim the desert lands in the terminal stages of male pattern baldness, mindsets are fast changing with the introduction of the revolutionary hair planting technology.

The ARTAS® Robotic procedure utilises sophisticated digital technology and precision robotics to deliver better and natural-looking results at a faster speed and with shorter recovery time as compared to traditional hair restoration surgery. 

This state-of-the-art follicle unit harvester is able to map out exactly the best follicles to harvest in the donor site at the back of the head. Using complex algorithms to ensure uniform follicle extraction and taking into account details like the exit angle of each follicle and patient movement during the procedure, the ARTAS System ensures the dream combination of optimal efficacy, improved survival rates of transplanted hairs, and minimised trauma to the donor scalp.

Healthy harvested follicles are then implanted by an experienced doctor into the balding patch to restore a youthful frontage that will also be more resistant to further male hormone follicular poisoning and hair loss. Genius!

Post-treatment, most men are able to dive back into their normal activities within a day or two. Both the donor and recipient areas fully recovers after just 1 week. At 6 months, you will be pleased with a noticeable re-vegetation as the implanted strands grow. By 9 months, you should bask in your new crowning glory.

Non Invasive Hair Rejuvenation Techniques

Revage 670 (Laser Hair Rejuvenation)
Enter: Laser hair rejuvenation. The FDA-approved Revage 670 is widely recognised as the gold standard laser solution to your follicular woes, and a drug-free hair booster that has found fans amongst celebrities and the trendy set. With 30 laser diodes, the deep penetrating laser energy gives scalps an invigorating tune-up by boosting blood flow and nutrient delivery, and energizing cellular metabolism to sprout a resplendent mane that’s lustrous, thick and full of run-your-fingers-through-it potential. Its Rotational PhotoTherapy (RPT) system maximizes stimulation of each hair follicle at a much higher level than that provided by traditional hand-held lasers. Studies have shown that Revage 670 produces an impressive 85% success rate in halting hair loss, as well as an almost 40% of increased fullness reported.

Therefore, this is not just a treatment that targets current hair thinning, repair stressed scalps and damaged tresses, but is also useful to help prevent further hair loss in both men and women. This non-invasive laser therapy is safe and painless, with absolutely no downtime. 

Sometimes, the truth is boring, but here it is: The well-known, FDA-approved topical over-the-counter drug minoxidil (brand name Rogaine) is what anyone concerned with hair loss should use, because copious research has made it clear that minoxidil works for the majority of people who use it. Minoxidil is available in 2% or 5% concentrations. When applied twice daily, most will find it can restore hair growth and stop some amount of hair loss. It's boring, but true! The trick is to start using it as soon as you notice any amount of hair loss, because waiting limits minoxidil's ability to stimulate new hair growth and help you hang on to the hair you have.

Sloane Inc Hair Recovery contains clinically-proven Minoxidil to help halt further loss in both men and women, resuscitate weakened strands, strengthen and increase the diameter of the hair shaft, and encourage new hair growth. Use religiously for a healthy, full and gloriously youthful mane.

Diet & Supplements
You are what you eat. That same theory applies for your skin and your overall well being in general. Pack your meals with proteins, iron, Omega 3 fatty acids and zinc to fight hair loss. 

Supplements with Vitamin A, Saw Palmetto, Biotin, Zinc have also been touted to help with hair woes. 

Cultivating Healthy Hair Bits
  1. Keep heat damage to a minimum
  2. Avoid tight hairstyles
  3. Avoid steamy baths
  4. Treat wet hair with TLC
  5. Avoid roasting hair in the sun
  6. Avoid tighthold hair products
  7. Wash hair and scalp regularly

It's a rare person who won't eventually be concerned about losing their hair, whether or not it's a lot of hair loss at once or a gradual, overall thinning. There are things you can do to improve hair growth, but wasting your money on hair-care products, hair-growth systems, and vitamin supplements that don't work is not a good thing, for your budget or your hair. There are tried-and-true solutions you can turn to, if you can get past the razzle-dazzle of the numerous shams carefully designed to take your money while preying on your insecurities around hair loss. Using the information we present here, you have the power to make an informed decision—and a very good chance of seeing some regrowth of your hair—and perhaps less hair loss, too. 


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