Chloe's Allure-K™ Rhinoplasty Journey: Part 2

After much contemplation, I decided to opt for Allure-K™ Rhinoplasty instead. Opting for a pre consultation with Dr Tan Ying Chien was the right thing to do as it opened my eyes to surgery techniques which I am unaware of.  Read more on my pre surgery consultation here

The surgery is a complicated one which will take 3 hours, done under sedation by an anaesthetist. My entire nose will be “reconstructed” in a few concurrent steps: 

1) Insertion of nose implant for nose bridge

2) Reduction of width of nose with Alarplasty

3) Refining of nose tip with ear cartilage graft, to make it sharper

4) Lengthening of colunmellar (mid part of underside of nose between nostrils) for a sharper nose tip

The idea is to not only make my nose higher and narrower, but also to lengthen it to make it more proportional to my face. The steps undertaken will allow my nose to achieve ultimate proportion and refinement.

Day of Surgery

I was really nervous, yet excited at the same time to undergo this life-changing procedure. I was shivering and the nurses had to give me a stress ball to relieve my tension. After the pre-surgical photos were taken, Dr Tan drew markings on my nose where the actual incisions were to be made. An anaesthetic cream was applied to the nose so that injections will be comfortable later. AHHH! This is finally happening!

Shortly after, I was wheeled into the operating theater. At that very moment, flashbacks of botched jobs flooded my mind. I was having cold feet! I told myself that I had to take a leap of faith and trust that my nose was in the good hands of my plastic surgeon.

After which, I must have been knocked out cold because I did not recall anything except for a sedation injection on my arm. 

The Recovery Process 

I was back at work the very next day, seriously I'm not kidding. I could go about my normal activities: the only important thing is to be very gentle with my face and nose, taking care to keep the nose guard dry. There was never much pain or swelling. Strangely, the swelling was worst on the 3rd day! My cheeks started to swell up a bit and my colleagues joked that I look like an enlarged steamed bun. Dr Tan reassured me that this was normal, and that it will all go away.

You hear horror stories online about the terrible bruising which happens after nose surgery. Fortunately, none of that happened to me, and I went about my normal activities without much problems. The biggest obstacle, for me, was trying to keep my nose dry: For the first 3 days, I did not even dare to wash my face, and relied on wet wipes to keep my face clean. Washing my hair was a challenge so I ended up going for a hair wash everyday. Other than daily hygiene routines, I did not experience other inconveniences... perhaps only some judgmental looks that were thrown at me when I was commuting to work. 

After 5 days, I was told that I could remove my stitches. This time, the procedure was very straightforward, and Dr Tan removed the stitches in less than 10 minutes. I was holding my breath, anticipating to see my new nose for the very first time!

I have never felt better, more confident, and happier about myself. I would say the nose job has made an amazing difference to my entire look. I have been receiving tons of compliments from my family my colleagues and all my friends. 

My nose still looks a little bigger now than what I have envisioned even after 2 weeks, and more so in photos than in the mirror. Yes I know I may have unrealistic expectations but Dr Tan assured me that the swelling was subsiding nicely and the recovery process usually takes about 3 months or so. Time will do its job with the healing and my nose will simply look better by the day. Anything worth having is anything worth waiting for, remember that Chloe!

Dr Tan always had my best interests at heart, and for that, I am eternally grateful. I am so grateful to have found such an understanding doctor, who understood my needs, my concerns and my feelings. I also greatly underestimated his expertise because I never expected the results to look so good. All in all, I owe my beautiful nose to him.

A week after, I jetted off overseas to celebrate my 27th birthday. My decision to undergo Allure-K™ Rhinoplasty is probably the best birthday present I gave to myself this year.

Chloe is 27 this year. She enjoys cooking in her free time, which she says are getting scarcer with each passing day.


  1. Thanks for sharing!
    You looked great :)
    Can i check, how much did you pay for the procedure?
    And does alarplasty leaves scars?

  2. Thanks for sharing!
    You looked great :)
    Can i check, how much did you pay for the procedure?
    And does alarplasty leaves scars?



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