Chloe's Allure-K™ Rhinoplasty Journey: Part 1

My name is Chloe. I've never been happy about my nose. Just like many asians, my nose is short and flat, my nostrils look humongous and lacks definition. To put it bluntly, I look like I have a "pig nose".  I yearned for a dream nose like Song Hye Go, Fan Bing Bing and Angelababy.

I recently mustered the courage to go for surgery after many years of contemplation. 

I will sharing with you today on my Allure-K™ Rhinoplasty Journey with The Sloane Clinic. 

From the visuals above, it is obvious that my nose lacks definition. It is flat, short, wide and my nostrils are huge. I've always wanted to correct my nose but surgical intervention always scared me. Also, I've read about enough botched jobs to put my "nose job" dreams on hold out of sheer fear. However, I've never given up this dream of mine. A few weeks ago, I chanced upon an article about The Sloane Clinic's Allure-K™ Rhinoplasty procedure which is specially designed to help Asian noses achieve ultimate refinement and proportion. As I researched further, the details piqued my interest and it triggered me to make an appointment to find out more about this interesting procedure. In addition, my friends who have undergone various surgeries also highly recommended The Sloane Clinic's expertise. 

Part 1 - Pre Surgery Consultation
(you may click on the url to watch the video of my pre surgery consultation)

I was scheduled to see Dr Tan Ying Chien, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Sloane Clinic. I was having mixed feelings. A part of me was nervous yet happy at the same time because I'm this close to the nose of my dreams. 

Dr Tan Ying Chien is an experienced plastic surgeon with a lot of experience. It was really easy to talk to him because he understood my problems. He was understanding, patient, and took time to explain to me what my options were. I wanted to have a nose implant, to make my nose bridge and tip higher. However, Dr Tan pointed out that my flat nose is not the only problem: my nose is in fact very short, and too wide. 

A simple implant will not correct all the existing problems. The wide base will also require more surgery to make smaller. 

Dr Tan now gave me 2 options which I can consider:

Option 1: Simple Nose Implant

The first option is to stick with my original plan to have just a  nose implant I’ve read so much about. Dr Tan explained to me that this is a L-shaped silicone implant which is cleverly inserted via a small incision through the nostril, and this will help to make the nose bridge and tip higher.

This is a great option for people who already have a relatively nice nose, but just want it higher and more defined. For me, that will translate into a higher nose, but this will not correct my wide nose. This is because I have short nose, and raising the tip without lengthening of the nose will not give me the best result. 

Option 2: Allure-K™ Rhinoplasty

So in my case, Dr Tan suggests doing the Allure-K Rhinoplasty. Asian noses, in addition to a depressed nose bridge often have a short and retruded columella. This explains why simple rhinoplasty using implants sometimes yields less than satisfactory results.

The only safe and reliable method to lengthen one’s nose is by the use of one’s own cartilage. He suggests taking cartilage from my ear. This will not change the shape of my ear, nor will it leave any obvious scar. It will give me a sharper, longer nose that looks natural. If he used the implant to lengthen the nose, my nose will look less natural which I definitely want to avoid. Most importantly, the complication rate has been found to be rather high. Dr Tan commented that he often see cases in which the implant ulcerates through the skin when this is done. 

I also have widened nostrils. To perfect the frontal picture, an alarplasty will solve the issue of my wide, flared nostrils.

With the measures taken above,  I will be able to achieve a longer and narrower nose with a higher bridge and sharper tip. 

After much contemplation, I decided to go for the second option instead. Opting for a pre consultation with Dr Tan Ying Chien was the right thing to do as it opened my eyes to surgery techniques which I am unaware of. 

Stay tuned to more updates of my surgery!

Chloe is 27 this year. She enjoys cooking in her free time, which she says are getting scarcer with each passing day.


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