A Review: Intima Touch™ by The Sloane Clinic

According to statistics, about 76% females are at risk of developing vaginal laxity at some point of their life. I was floored by that statistic, especially when I belong to the category of someone firmly in that unenviable position after the birth of my three children four years ago.

I began almost compulsively researching my options and it was only then that I realized that there was a dearth of available treatments to address this prevalent condition amongst women of childbearing age!

While we are constantly bombarded by advertisements to rejuvenate our hair, skin and faces, almost no one is addressing the most important concern affecting women today.What is actually happening to our bodies that nobody seems to be talking about? Vaginal skin is comprised largely of collagen tissue that has the ability to expand, contract and return to its original size, however, after childbirth, many women experience vaginal laxity (a reduction in the resilience, strength and contractability of vaginal tissue) that may interfere with quality of sexual life by reducing the sensation and sensitivity during intercourse. The severity may range from a mild decrease in pleasure to a significant (total loss?) drop in sensation. In some cases, I know of women who cannot even hold a tampon in place after birth!

In the course of my research, I considered and then nixed a few options. I heard of kegel exercises, and I began doing them almost daily after birth of Tom, my third child. It helped to a degree, I would say about 20%, it certainly helped with the urinary incontinence I experienced after childbirth but did nothing for the absolute laxity of my vaginal passage. 

An all-knowing friend recommended me vaginal cream, it was supposed to help with my laxity. At first I thought it was godsend, till I realized the results lasted only a couple of hours. It was supposed to be some herbal prepapration but what it was really doing was causing irritation and swelling of my vaginal tissues thereby creating a transient sensation of tightening. It was just impossible to time when to use it since it took a few hours to take effect.

I spoke to my gynaecologist who broached the topic of vaginoplasty, a surgery that would help restore the tightness of my vaginal passage. Keen as I was to restore the sensation of my youth, I was not keen to undergo any surgery. In fact, I had opted for natural deliveries precisely to avoid surgical intervention. How ironical then was it for me now to turn to surgery to’restore’ my postpartum ravaged body.

Finally, I spoke to my aesthetic doctor who informed me there was a non-invasive treatment called Intima Touch available to help tighten the vaginal tissues easily. By easily, I meant (1) no pain (2) no surgery (3) under 40 minutes (time was of essence since I still had to juggle three school going kids). After trying so many different options and even contemplating surgery, it took me exactly two weeks of serious consideration to make up my mind. YES! I will put my eggs in this non-invasive basket, I declared.

Despite the doctor’s reassurances, I was still slightly nervous on the day. I checked into the clinic at ION Orchard bright and early. My doctor greeted me with a smie, went through the procedure and consent form, and before I knew it, I was given a robe to change into and lie down. I was thankful I was assisted only by female nurses and the setting was cosy and private. Apart from my (female) doctor and one female nurse, there was no one else in the room, just music and candles in the background. It did help me take the edge off the procedure. Surprisingly, there was no numbing cream applied. I was told it was because the treatment was not painful. I was skeptical. I asked about painkillers, again I was told this was not necessary. 

My doctor carefully placed what looked to me like a pen –like applicator against my vagina, and told me she would start Intima Touch procedure with one test shot. I almost shot out of the bed in fear. But to my surprise, apart from a vague warmth, there was no discomfort whatsoever. Feeling more settled, the doctor started the procedure proper. This involved using a radiofrequency device that is specially indicated only for the vaginal tissues on my vaginal wall. Only the outer 1/3 of the vaginal wall was treated because apparently only this part is the contributor to vaginal tightness and sexual pleasure. The applicator felt like the tip of a tampon , and was certainly nowhere as invasive as a PAP smear even. In fact, my doctor was happily chatting away like she was performing a routine chemical peel.

Before long, I found myself laughing to her jokes and chatting to her easily, almost forgetting about the procedure. At no time was there any discomfort whatsoever. Perhaps, that accounted for the fact that tme slipped by faster than I expected. In what I thought was 10 minutes, my doctor announced that the treatment was done. I looked at my watch in surprise--- oh it wasn;t ten minutes, it was twenty-five minutes. Time did pass faster than I thought, but still it was a pretty quick procedure. I was given some wipes to clean up and get dressed. I was told that most patients will see results after one session, though some may return for a repeat treatment for further optimal improvements; should they wish to. I left the clinic with a lightness in my step, eagerly antiicipating the treatment benefits to kick in anytime over the next few months.

I first noticed a difference about three weeks after my treatment. My menses had come and I realised my tampons sat much better than before. About a month after, I definitely felt the difference when I had intercourse with my husband. It was a world of difference for me! Words cannot describe the utter bliss after all these years of resigning myself to a suboptimal femininity. Two months on, my husband felt a difference too. He never knew I went for the treatment (he would baulk if he knew), but commented offhandedly that my kegels must be really working. To be fair, I am not what I was as a sixteen year old girl (and I wouldn’t want to be, I love being a mom). But I am empowered to know that I do not have to live in a body that is far older that what I deserve and that I have done something about it!

Another treatment? Maybe, if I do, you’ll be the first to know. Watch this space for my updates.

Melissa is a 39 year old mother of three lovely children. She enjoys cooking, painting and writing in her free time, which she says are getting scarcer with each passing day. For more details of Intima Touch, please go to www.sloaneclinic.com .


  1. I never knew there's such a treatment! Is it safe?



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